What Time is it Anyway?

I get about 1,000 email messages a day. Most of them are a quick read or are SPAM. Many are subscriptions to blog posts or special offers that I want to know about. There are some that need my immediate attention and require a thoughtful response.
Sometimes, I am asked to schedule a phone call or conference call. Alas…there is only a name at the bottom of the message without any contact information. I cannot even determine what time zone they are in, so that I know how to transpose the requested time into my time. I have to wait for the person to send me an answer to the unnecessary question, “What time zone are you in?” Hmm… This is identity – or lack of identity.
Nothing – I repeat, nothing – should leave your hands without being fully branded, including address, phone numbers, websites, and other information the other person might need. This is a professional standard of excellence. If you are a professional, then you always show up appearing professional. This includes how your email messages look.
If your signature block does not include contact information, then the other person will have to request it. That’s not good. It also shows that you have not thought through things very well. How you present yourself is revealing about how comprehensive your thinking is. Your complete information belongs on every communication and every document that leaves your control.
Professional is professional.
This is an update of a previous blog article.

Hugh Ballou
The Transformational Leadership Strategist

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