Transformational Leadership Traits: Respect the Individual

The Transformational Leader Respects the Individual

I have written a lot about getting the right people on the team and building leaders on teams. I have talked about skills, roles, and responsibilities. I have also pointed out that building relationships is key to leadership. A fundamental of Transformational Leadership is showing others respect, and earning respect from others.

This trait is about the person. Who is the person on your team? This dynamic is separate from the others, yet it is connected in a continuous loop. We want respect. Others want respect. We function better when we are respected. Respect comes with intentionality over time.

You can’t fake respect.

You can’t force respect.

You can’t hurry up respect.

Earning respect is a leadership skill you can acquire.

Respect is reciprocal.

If you don’t require accountability… If you buckle under pressure and give in to holding the line with your core values or principles… If you don’t take a stand… If you don’t lead by example… How can you expect to be respected?

Ask for what you need. Require accountability. Model high ethical and performance standards. Show respect toward others.

As James Allen wrote, “We attract what we are and not what we need.” (paraphrased)

Look at the person you lead. See who they are. Care. People are not statistics or systems.

Be the leader, and you will be the respected leader.


Hugh Ballou
The Transformational Leadership Strategist

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