Transformational Leadership Traits: Provide Support

The Transformational Leader Gives Information And Support


You, the Transformational Leader, are a role model. If you are, in fact, enthusiastic, if you are authentic, if you are encouraging in your demeanor, that’s the inspiration you will give to people that you lead. You will command the respect of those who follow you, because of your skill set, your personality, and your authenticity. Of all the leadership traits, being supportive of leaders within teams is a top priority.

Leaders sometimes want to fake it, or to pretend, or to act in a way that doesn’t admit they have weaknesses in their leadership skills. I don’t think anyone has all the leadership skills in every single area. It’s impossible for one person to have all those skills. You are good in some areas, and are going to build teams that build strengths in other areas. Being transparent about that is extremely important. If you are transparent about what you’re good at, and what you’re not good at, and you have team members who fill in those gaps in your leadership, people will respect you. People that you lead will respect you for your authenticity and your honesty. They will even want to emulate your enthusiasm, your honesty, your sincerity, and your leadership style.

It’s important for leaders to fill in the gaps they don’t provide to the organization. Allow others to perform various tasks and duties. But in order for others to perform as expected, the leader must provide the necessary information and support.

Some less-effective leaders who have poor self-esteem and need to be the center of all attention, must be the “savior” of a project by solving problems or coming in with the answer at the last minute. Leaders who function in this manner encourage dependence and apathy. Why should anyone else function if the leader is going to take it back to do it “right.” Be a leader who recognizes and celebrates the success of others. They succeed and everyone succeeds.

Be sure the following are present when projects or tasks are delegated:

  • A clear description of the end result – define what success looks like
  • Data relevant to the project or task  – information needed to make effective decisions
  • Check-in points before the deadline – places to provide coaching and support
  • Cheerleading  – encouragement along the way

So you set the pace by being the role model. You are clear in your vision. You are charismatic because you’re enthusiastic, and charisma encourages others to follow you. Be very clear in your direction and your intended outcome. You have a strong sense of purpose, because that’s important to you. You’ve taken time to clarify your core values. You know you have a purpose in what you’re doing. And you, as the leader, are the leader because you are willing to take a risk. You’re willing to take risks and move forward.

Others will function on a high level when you do.

Start now.


Hugh Ballou

The Transformational Leadership Strategist

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