To Succeed – or Not


Be at the top of your class

Are you in the 3%? Only three percent of the population will actually follow through with an idea and implement it. Yes, that’s the sad truth. Many, many people have great ideas; in fact, there is an abundance of great ideas. There are, however, very few people to see those ideas through to success.

This is the law of averages. Only 3% of the readers of this blog post¬†will actually implement their ideas. Why? It’s the law of averages. Throughout history, this formula repeats itself.

So, the choice is yours. Do you want to be known as the person who actually succeeded? Maybe the winning idea is an idea that was given to you. The great idea does not have to be original.

Today you have many options. You have many opportunities to succeed. Have you decided to succeed? That’s the first step – deciding to succeed. The next step is deciding to be committed to the idea. Believe in the idea and have a passion for the idea. You will not succeed if you have no passion for the idea.

The first step in establishing a successful system is deciding to succeed. Next, figure out how.

TIP: First, develop clarity for what you want. Next, devise a pathway to success.


Hugh Ballou
The Transformational Leadership Strategist TM
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Hugh Ballou (Author)

  • I love it. So simple: decide to succeed, then figure our how. so many times I’ve struggled with trying it the other way… figure out how to succeed first…. it leads nowhere.

    Thanks for the great thoughts. Appreciate your thoughts on my blog series on transforming work into play – the game of the day. I have many of the daily posts / emails at

  • Great information, I just bookmarked you.

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  • I feel more accepting of others who suggest but don’t follow up on ideas after reading this, thanks Hugh.