The Friday Five, Blogs That Matter – October 4, 2013

Five Blogs of Note for the Week Ending October 4, 2013

5 blogs that matter

Continuing in my new tradition, here are quotes from 5 blogs that got my attention this week.

I don’t benefit from reposting any of these posts. Sometimes, I don’t even know the writer. However, I do read and personally grow my knowledge by reading posts that challenge my thinking and get me to think outside my old paradigm.

It’s not important that you agree with any of these writers. It’s only important that you think.

I hope you will find some new sources of inspiration with these posts.

Here’s the next group of 5 in the series:



Todd Schnick

Processing time vs. creative time

Todd SchnickIt is a trap we all fall into: getting sucked into processing time, when you should be doing creative time.

First, some definitions:

Processing time: managing To Do lists, processing and responding to emails, sorting inboxes, updating notes, cleaning off the desk, sorting papers to keep verses tossing, working IN the business…

Creative time: writing, doing your actual client work, deep thinking on coming up with solutions (for customers AND prospects), working ON the business…

Funny thing is, I love my processing time. I feel good updating, filing, sorting, getting the inbox to zero, checking things off, cleaning up and organizing. This is great fun for me, and as an anal retentive minimalist, this process is very important to my well being.

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Steve Tobak

5 Books Every Leader Should Read

Steve TobakMy bookcase is full of business books I didn’t buy. That’s right. They came courtesy of hopeful writers and hopeless former CEOs who, for some odd reason I’ll never understand, thought their top executives needed to be up on all the latest management fads.

Thank God they didn’t ask for book reports.

The modern business book is, without a doubt, an extraordinary waste of time and focus. Never mind the opportunity cost – all the great things you could have been doing instead of wasting your precious time on useless nonsense.

I can’t overstate this, folks. We live in a time of unprecedented information and communication overload. The amount of content competing for your eyeballs is out of control. The level of noise is deafening. The relentless tug is distracting and addictive.

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Jesse Lyn Stoner

What Brain Science Can Teach Us About Leadership

Jesse Lyn StonerMuch of your brain is hardwired from birth. Our primitive reflexes make us hyper-alert for bad news. Our brains detect negative information faster than positive information, and we have a stronger memory for painful experiences than pleasurable ones. This hardwiring ensured the survival of our ancestors.

But the world has changed, and we now know more about how our brains can best help us in today’s world. Studies in brain science have revealed that our prefrontal cortex provides thinking processes that allow us to override the primitive instincts that no longer serve us. It gives us the ability to make choices about our behavior – IF we are intentional.

Brain science shows us the old excuses don’t hold up…

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Susan Mazza

Slice through Overwhelming Workloads

Susan MazzaIf you’ve ever played Tetris, you know how quickly things can spiral out of control.

Tiles begin to pile up, and soon you’re working feverishly—even though you know that you’re past the point where you can even keep up with everything that’s coming at you, let alone reverse the trend to actually win.

Sometimes workloads and personal responsibilities can feel much the same, but with much more serious effects. Deadlines are missed, projects completed poorly, teammates disappointed, obligations unfulfilled. The toll extends to ourselves, as well, with stress, burnout, and negative effects on our overall health.

The most commonly discussed aspects of workload management are setting priorities and learning to delegate. A third element gets much less attention—attention management.

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Emmanuel Gobillot

Leadership – it’s not just about you, it’s all about you

Emmanuel GobillotThere is one thing all great leaders share.  It’s the one thing most leadership books will never tell you about, yet it is also the only thing that can predict whether you will succeed or not.  That one thing is obvious when you stop and think about it – followers!

Leading is about being followed. Period. Great leadership is about having great followers who exercise their freedom of choice to release their discretionary effort in the pursuit of goal.

Step one of becoming a great leader is to realize that in fact leadership is not about you. It’s about your followers.  It’s about understanding why they choose to follow.  Why do they decide to follow one leader over another? What is the logic (if any) of their decisions?

There are two important issues with this.

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Hugh Ballou

The Transformational Leadership Strategist

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