The Friday Five, Blogs that Matter – May 17, 2013

Five Blogs of Note for the Week Ending May 17, 2013

5 blogs that matterContinuing in my new tradition, here are 5 quotes from blogs that got my attention this week.

I don’t benefit from reposting any of these posts. Sometimes, I don’t even know the writer. However, I do read and personally grow my knowledge by reading posts that challenge my thinking and get me to think outside my old paradigm.

It’s not important that you agree with any of these writers. It’s only important that you think.

I hope you will find some new sources of inspiration with these posts.

Here’s the next group of 5 in the series:


Daniel Pink 

Dan Ariely’s revised model of labor
Daniel Pink

Below is a fantastic TED Talk from Dan Ariely on why people work hard, when they’re willing to make extreme efforts, and how easy it is to crush their motivation.
Among the insights and provocations:
•“Ignoring the performance of people is almost as bad as shredding their effort in front of their eyes.”
•“Is efficiency still more important than meaning? I think the answer is no.”
•“By getting people to work harder, they actually got them to love what they’re doing to a higher degree.”


Rachael Held Evans


Rachel Held EvansWhen I first started asking questions about my faith, I was terrified. In my loneliness and fear, I tried desperately to drag the people I loved most along with me on my journey through doubt. I was in a season of deconstruction, of uprooting, of tearing down. And like a spoiled child, I ran about the Church, knocking down every theological block tower I could find, delighting in the destruction.I was asking good questions, worthy questions—about creation, science, biblical interpretation, gender, religious pluralism, heaven and hell— but I was angry with those not asking these questions along with me; I wanted to force them into my season.

But there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. 

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Seth Godin

Lead up

Seth GodinWhat you were trained to do: wait for a good, generous, munificent, tasteful, smart boss or client to tell you what to do.If that doesn’t happen, blame the system, blame the boss, blame the client. If the work is lousy, it’s the client’s fault. If the boss doesn’t see or understand your insight, that’s his fault. You are here to serve, and if they don’t get it, well, that’s too bad for all concerned.

What you might consider: Lead up. (Thanks to Pat Tierney for the phrase).


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Chris Brogan

Be Open to Inspiration

Chris Brogan

I’ve been in a bit of a fog the last week or so. Nothing worth talking about, really. Depression stuff. But then it lifted.

What’s interesting to me is how I found my footing and how I got back on track, and so there are two items I want to share with you from this: the actual learning, and more importantly, the realization of what got me there.

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Robyn Crump – Firepole Marketing

No Profits – What Businesses and Non – Profits Need to Change

 CrumpWhen you think of a successful financial role model, who comes to mind?

Is it someone obvious, like Steve Jobs, or Richard Branson? An entrepreneur and titan of industry, who has lots of power, makes lots of money, and is the focus of scores of glowing articles and biographies?

…There’s a strange but pervasive view that people who make money helping themselves are to be congratulated, but those who make money helping others are vilified as thieves and wasters. This is a really strange and interesting fact of life that people don’t think about much- but that hurts research and charitable organizations across the world.

The same principle hurts new entrepreneurs too – there’s a sense that if you’re doing something you love, for yourself – you might not deserve to charge what you’re worth.

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Hugh Ballou
The Transformational Leadership Strategist

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