The Friday Five, Blogs That Matter – January 16, 2015

Blogs of Note for the Week Ending January 16, 2015

5 blogs that matterEvery day I learn something that advances my leadership knowledge and competency. Here are quotes from 5 blogs that got my attention this week. I don’t benefit from reposting any of these posts. Sometimes, I don’t even know the writer. However, I do read and personally grow my knowledge by reading posts that challenge my thinking and get me to think outside my old paradigm. It’s not important that you agree with any of these writers. It’s only important that you think. I hope you will find some new sources of inspiration with these posts. Here’s the next group of 5 in the series:


Laura Vanderkam

How To Combat A Ridiculous Work Schedule And Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed


When Crystal Paine launched in 2007, she thought it would be a small offshoot of the blog she had been keeping. Then the economy crashed, and millions of people wanted to know how she fed her family for $35 a week. She soon found herself running a company that was growing so fast her hosting service went down every afternoon. She couldn’t stay on top of advertising queries. “I pulled all nighters,” she says. “Your body forgets how to relax and sleep.”

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Scott McKain

Is Southwest just flying on their reputation?

Scott McKainOne of the three Destroyers of Differentiation identified in my book, “Create Distinction,” is that “familiarity breeds complacency.”  In other words, the more I do business with you — and become accustomed to how you engage me as your customer — the greater the likelihood that I will take you for granted.

However, the inverse of that maxim is true, as well.  The more I am your customer…the more times I choose you over the competition…the probability that you will become complacent in how your treat me and value my business is exponentially enhanced.

An article in today’s Wall St. Journal makes me wonder if that same phenomenon is occurring at what was one of my favorite companies – Southwest Airlines.

This report by Scott McCartney on “The Best and Worst Airlines” reveals a few interesting facts:

  • Only United was worse than Southwest about canceling scheduled flights.  

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Kaylene S. Mathews

Magnify Your Results With Focus Intensity

Kaylene S. MathewsYou’ve envisioned your future and set your goals for the year… is it enough?

Are you positioned to achieve the results you really want this year or do you need to raise the intensity?

When I was younger, a boy in my neighborhood (who may or may not have been a blood relative) wanted to know if it was true that he could set something on fire by focusing the suns rays through a magnifying glass. Young boys and fire; it’s not usually going to turn out well for the victim. In this case the victim was a field of dry grass. He discovered that it was true as the field went up in flames and he became acquainted first hand with the local fire fighters.

Focus intensity = magnified results

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Lee Williams

5 Characteristics of a Great Company Culture

Lee WilliamsA few weeks ago, we celebrated our annual 180 Communications Christmas party—a remarkable mixing of our personal and professional lives. I know inside other offices and companies, it’s a dreaded annual obligation, but while at our event, I witnessed pretty amazing camaraderie between our team and family members. From a home-cooked meal to a White Elephant gift exchange that left us all laughing, the focus was very clearly on strengthening our bonds, and by the end of the night, it became apparent that relationship-building is a key component to our company’s success.

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Anthony Iannarino 

Do What is Difficult

Anthony IannarinoIt’s easy to reduce your price and eliminate it as an obstacle to a deal. It’s difficult to increase your price once you have established a lower price, even when you create greater value.

It’s easy to avoid dealing with a challenging customer issue, hoping against hope that it resolves itself in time. It’s difficult to have tough conversations, but it’s even more difficult to successfully recover from a challenge the longer it goes unaddressed.

It’s easy to give your client what they believe they want, like a price quote or a response to an RFP…

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Hugh Ballou

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