The Friday Five, Blogs That Matter – April 4, 2014

Blogs of Note for the Week Ending April 4, 2014

5 blogs that matterEvery day I learn something that advances my leadership knowledge and competency. Here are quotes from 5 blogs that got my attention this week. I don’t benefit from reposting any of these posts. Sometimes, I don’t even know the writer. However, I do read and personally grow my knowledge by reading posts that challenge my thinking and get me to think outside my old paradigm. It’s not important that you agree with any of these writers. It’s only important that you think. I hope you will find some new sources of inspiration with these posts. Here’s the next group of 5 in the series:




Bobbi Linkemer

Remembering What It Takes to Write a Book

Bobbi LinkemerSuccessful authors agree that it takes certain principles to become a successful book writer. Although you may add others, here are six principles worth remembering for anyone who is in the middle of writing a book.

1. Desire. The following five principles are important, but without a lasting desire, you will not succeed. Keep the book writing flame burning strong.

2. A concept. Does your short explanation about your book (preferably one sentence) written at the beginning of your project still hold true? …

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George Bradt

Top 100 Ideas And Quotes For First-Time Leaders

George BradtAs a refresher on the fundamentals of leadership, this highlights 100 of the best ideas and quotes for first-time leaders from my New Leader’s Playbook articles here on and from our new book, First-Time Leader. (Request an executive summary of the book.)

1. Leading is about inspiring and enabling others to do their absolute best together to realize a meaningful and rewarding shared purpose.

2. “Business leaders must explicitly define their organization’s purpose… it shapes every other aspect of “BRAVE Leadership.”…behaviors, relationships, attitudes and the work environment. The purpose, “why” we do what we do, creates a meaningful place to work. The values are also important in creating an intentional culture because they are “how” we do the “what,” whether it is pizza or widgets or accounting.” – Nick Sarillo

3. Leading is different than managing. Where managing is about organizing, coordinating and telling, leading is about inspiring and enabling and co-creating.

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Karin Hurt

13 Stupid Sentences That Will Derail Your Career

Karin HurtI wish HR would teach a course on the really stupid sentences people say at work.  Oh, I’m not talking about he obvious stupidity:  ”you look hot in that dress”  or “hey baby…” there’s training and rules for that.  But there’s no code of conduct to protect against the stupid, disempowering words I often hear up, down and sideways.

Before writing this post, I decided to do an informal “stupid sentence poll’ through social media.  The responses fell into two big categories:  Stupid sentences that deny accountability; and stupid sentences that prove you are clueless.  I’ll start, you add to the lists.

Stupid Sentences That Deny Accountability

1.  That’s not my job (number one by a LANDSLIDE).

Although we all know this, someone is still out there saying it.  Stop it, it’s stupid.  Instead, help all you can.

2.  That decision’s above my pay grade

The really wacky part of this one, is that I hear it most often at the higher levels of the business.   Please, please don’t say this.  And whatever you do, don’t say it to someone at a “lower pay grade” than you.  They count on you to advocate for what’s right, not shrug your shoulders and roll over…

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Joe Scherrer

The Secret of Motivating Your People (Hint: It’s Not Exactly Up to You)

If you’ve been in a leadership position for very long, you’ve probably struggled with the challenge of motivating your people.

Perhaps you’ve tried various techniques like the carrot and stick, the inspirational speech, or annual bonuses.

Maybe you’ve even read books on motivation like Dan Pink’s Drive or perused some of the academic literature on it.

This is all well and good, but all these efforts assume one key thing: that you can actually motivate your people.

The truth is that you can’t.

Because they are the only ones that can do that…

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Chery Gegelman

Chaos or Vision: YOU Choose!

Chery GegelmanAs expats we live in a secure compound with high walls, inside those walls we have grass, trees, flowers, beauty and order.

Many local families live in their own high walled “compounds” with their extended families. And although I have never been behind those walls I have heard of their gardens.

Outside of all of our walls is the city we all share. Most of the city is full of trash, partially developed buildings, blowing sand, broken sidewalks – if there are sidewalks at all; narrow streets and tiny parking lots that don’t accommodate all of the cars, and random unmatched street lights that don’t begin to illuminate the dark…

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