Check on How You are “Really Doing”

Things are going to get a lot worse¬†before they get worse. – Lily Tomlin   How bad does it need to get before you do something about it? (“It” is the processes and systems in your organization.) In reading a post by Guy Kawasaki on the American Express OPEN Forum site, I found this comment, “Act like a prospective customer and call your company to … Continue reading Check on How You are “Really Doing”

Daily Leadership Discipline – Balance

First of 5 Posts Hugh’s Fourth Leadership Principle – Value the Rests: Balance   In music, the rests are intentionally placed. They provide clarity, punctuation, and more… Rests are not absence of sound. Rest is only one dimension of balance for leadership. Balance means approaching work rested. In his book,¬†The Musicians Soul, James Jordan teaches that a conductor must be centered on the podium. Centering … Continue reading Daily Leadership Discipline – Balance