Leadership Skills: Setting Boundaries

“No” is a complete sentence. ― Anne Lamott Setting boundaries is difficult for most of us. Somehow, we have been taught that if we don’t please others, it’s a bad thing. I have discovered just the opposite…trying to please others does not build


Leadership Dialogue: Sharing Perspectives

Sharing Leadership Ideas from Real Life Each Thursday, I’ll launch a topic for discussion, dialogue, debate, and introspective conversation. In group facilitation situations, I ask the participants to reframe disagreement from the category of a “weapon” to the category of a “creative tool.”


Transformational Leadership Traits: Don’t Micromanage

In my current tradition, I am reposting the top blog articles that are my favorites or are the most read. The Transformational Leader Avoids Micromanaging Effective delegation depends on the leader’s ability to fully empower the success of the delegated task by


Leaders Observe: Anxiety

Are we adding to the group emotional process? If so, then HOW are we adding to the group process? Groups are emotional systems. Emotion replaces thinking and usually causes problems. The leader can create anxiety in the group by being anxious. Our


Seasons and Rhythms: Lent

Everything on earth has its own time and its own season. (Ecclesiastes 3:1 CEVUK) Leaders train to be at the top of their game every day. We must be productive on a continual basis, however, there is a natural rhythm to life.


Leadership Traps to Avoid

Managing Self After having spent over 40 years in ministry work in churches from 120 to over 12,000 in membership, I realized that I have made mistakes in all sizes of organizations. Each failure was an opportunity to learn. As the saying