Leadership Skills: Repetition


It’s OK to Repeat…

Well I can’t stress it enough…Repetition, Repetition, Repetition! 

Prospects are like children. 

You need to keep your name and your call to action (offer) in front of them at least on a monthly basis. 

From an email by Amy Fortis



I usually think that once I have said it, that’s enough. Just because it’s a priority in my mind doesn’t mean that it’s even important to anyone else. Repetition provides clarity. Repetition provides emphasis. Repetition gives energy to what’s being restated.

Redundant vs. repetitive…

If you repeat your message, be sure that it is fresh in your own mind. Redundant is good, if it’s a backup to your backup for your computer. It’s not very interesting, however.

Think about a repeated phrase in a play or in a song. Each time the phrase is repeated, it brings increased energy.

If it’s important, it’s worth repeating. If the repetition is boring, it will not bring energy to the idea or concept.

You are not boring. Why should your message be boring?

Be clear. Be concise. Be creative. Be interesting.

You attract what you are – not what you need.

Start now.

Hugh Ballou The Transformational Leadership Strategist TM

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