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Exceptional Leaders are Fit

Having spent about a year off from exercise, I now have a daily routine that is my commitment to leadership excellence. Athletes at the Olympics, or other sports figures, must maintain the highest level of fitness in order to compete. Performers, like musicians, must also be at their best at all times. In both cases, the better you are, the more you must be attentive to your fitness level. Musicians rehearse the fundamentals daily. I’m sure that tennis pros practice their serve on a constant basis. You are only as good as your last performance.

Physical conditioning is accompanied by mental conditioning. I have been able to move up my running schedule faster than when I first started training about 18 years ago. I know that I can do it. I know what it takes to get into shape. I know how fast I can increase my speed and mileage. Basically, I am confident that I can succeed.

We tell ourselves that we can do it. We are our own best cheerleader or critic. Our inner messages can be messages of encouragement or discouragement. It’s our choice.

My daily routine is to start out with exercise after coffee and a short reading session. I start the blog post or develop an outline for a new post. My brain keeps working on the post as I am running. Often, I develop a series of new blog post ideas during the run. This is not by conscious intention. It is by the power of having the focus in my life.

I do not listen to music while running. This is the only time in my day that I am without external stimulation. I am free to listen to my thoughts, to meditate, to pray, and to listen to God.

My day is much better when I get up early, prepare to run, accomplish my day’s running goal, and then stretch and regenerate my system with water and the appropriate nutrition.

Success begins with starting, and continues with commitment to continue. This applies to running or to work. I have a mission with appropriate goals. I break those goals down into daily steps that are attainable. I keep a log and check off each step as it is completed. I affirm my own accomplishment.

This post is my transparency as a leader coaching other leaders. My success is empowered by transparency and accountability, both of which bring energy to my world.

How have you opened up yourself so that those who care about you can affirm and support your goals?

Hugh Ballou

The Transformational Leadership Strategist

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