Leadership Traps to Avoid – Working Too Much

Preventing Burnout

Of my four leadership principles (Foundations, Relationships, Systems and Balance) the fourth one is the key to how effective the other 3 principles can be. If we work all the time, then we are not at our best.

There is a huge difference between being called and being driven, between being inspired and being compelled, and between being in control of your schedule and being unbalanced in work and personal life.

Rests are placed in music for a specific reason. Rests are not absence of sound. Rests are punctuations in the flow of the music.

Working all the time leaves no time for planning, for evaluating, for reflecting, and generally, for thinking. If the leader works all the time, then burnout is inevitable. The purposeful and effective leader prepares for work by preparing emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Sabbath is a day. Sabbath is a slice of time. Sabbath is essential.

The image below provides perspective for the value in creating balance in work, planning, evaluation, thinking, and recreation. Be your best. Show up as the whole person – you.


Hugh Ballou
The Transformational Leadership Strategist

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