Leadership Skills: Raising the Leadership Ceiling

John Maxwell defines the “Law of the Lid” what I define as a leadership ceiling. Our organization cannot grow beyond our ability to lead it. The skill to learn is how to raise the ceiling.
CeilingI have never been without ideas. I have so many good ideas that others get dizzy just hearing about them. I can’t possibly complete all my objectives if I can’t set priorities and define what’s practical. I can do anything I put my mind to achieving. I can’t do everything that I conceive, however. Therefore, I must set some boundaries. In fact, I need to raise the bar constantly on my personal abilities. I continue to hit my own ceiling of ability, therefore, I am constantly working on my own skill set.
Here are my 3 principles for self-awareness and personal growth:
  1. Don’t ignore the signs – I met with a friend today who spoke of a multi-year project that cost him all of his wealth because he ignored the signs that it wasn’t going to work. Having faith in your vision is not the same as ignoring signs that it’s not working. Pay attention to what the market is saying to you when they don’t buy. Correct or stop before wasting too many resources on the failure.
  2. Have a trusted advisor – I constantly have people around me who challenge my thinking and help me revise and vet my ideas. I also have someone I pay as a trusted advisor. That person provides consistent feedback and council, and helps me reveal my blind spots. As coach, strategist, and trusted advisor, I can’t do those things for myself that I can do for others. This is too important to leave to volunteers. It’s a priority to pay for this helpful perspective.
  3. Define objective measurement standards – define ways to measure success that are basically black or white. The evidence is clear and not skewed by emotion or passion. Measure and evaluate. Using a balance scorecard is useful here.
Everyone is good at something and no one is good at everything, or at least not their best at everything. Define your gaps and delegate. Work on top skills. Surround yourself with smart people who provide accurate information and speak the truth in love. Ditch the ego.

Hugh Ballou

The Transformational Leadership Strategist TM

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