Leadership Skills: Choosing the Right Words

Watch Your Choice of Words


When we struggle to find the right words, we sometimes choose fill-in words that do more harm than good.

We’d be better off if we just didn’t say anything.


Avoid the following destructive words and phrases:

I’ll be honest…

…if you will.

I’m just saying.

Bless his heart…

Oh, by the way…

…, but, …

Let me be perfectly clear…

OK (over and over)



Silence is powerful. Silence gives the listener time to catch up with the thinking process that follows what you are saying. Silence gives you time to consider what you are saying next. Silence validates that you have heard the other person when it’s time for you to receive information. Silence is good.


Keep it brief.

Don’t say, “I’ll be brief.” Be brief.

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Hugh Ballou
The Transformational Leadership Strategist

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