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My New Series

This new blog series will appear on Tuesdays and will focus on resources that I use as I pace my ability to continually strive for my greatest effectiveness. Leaders get things done. In order to accomplish this objective, it’s important to have the necessary skills and systems in place. I have tried many things over many years and have settled on what’s simple, reliable, and consistent.

Each resource will appear under one or more of my 4 leadership principles:
  1. Foundations: Clarity of purpose and outcomes, and equipping one’s self for excellence;
  2. Relationships: Building and maintaining healthy and effective relationships;
  3. Systems: Tools and processes for leading and empowering transformation; and
  4. Balance: Managing multiple priorities and managing self

Each resource I blog about is one I have tested and use personally. I do not make money on these referrals unless specifically stated in the post.

Today’s resource is a product I use to prevent viruses from taking hold in my system. It’s called “Organic Defense.”

Staying Healthy for Being an a Effective Leader

A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.

– Tom Stoppard

I fly monthly to some place to present or to work with a client. The fatigue of travel and the connection with others makes me vulnerable to catching whatever is going around. Being in close proximity to lots of people, shaking hands, and having lots of interaction provides multiple opportunities for me to receive germs. I typically came down with the flu or a cold quite often.

In addition, since my youth, when I drove myself hard and compromised my immune system, the Herpes (mouth sore type) would break out with multiple mouth sores. This made it difficult to eat and created a substantial fatigue that compromised my work and my ability to concentrate.

Virus Image
Human Cell and Virus Cell


With either of these situations (like a typical male, I don’t handle being sick very well) I would be sick for a week to 10 days with no shortcut to healing. Like Zig Zigglar used to say, “A cold lasts one week. If you treat it, it goes away in 7 days.” That’s funny, but not funny.

Being out of sync for an extended period, with low productivity or no productivity, was tough. When self-employed, that means loss of income!

I met a woman at a business growth conference, CEO Space, about 4 years ago. JulieAnn Engel sat at the meal table that I hosted to coach business and nonprofit leaders. We began discussing nutritional supplements and, of course, came to the topic of viruses. She gave me a bottle of her product, Organic Defense.
H1N1 Virus- influenza group
H1N1 Virus- influenza group


I began taking the little black pill immediately. Since that day, I have not had the flu once or one instance of Herpes in my mouth.

I never travel without a bottle, and several of my colleagues also are committed to taking this supplement daily as prevention. One of these colleagues got off his daily routine and got the flu recently. I just spoke to him and he is now back on track with taking the product. It’s humid acid, however, it’s a very effective form of humid acid that you can’t get anywhere else. I suggest that you try it out. Especially if you are like me and don’t get flu shots.

I asked JulieAnn to give me a link to her site. She did that, and also has offered a free report about viruses. She previously worked as a drug company sales representative and is very knowledgeable about drugs, health, and nutrition.

I highly recommend that you educate yourself about viruses and how to protect yourself from them in all forms. We can’t make any medical claims, of course, however we can share the research and tell our own stories about results. Explore for yourself and see how to stay healthy. There are so many viruses in so many places, it just makes good sense to get knowledge about how to mitigate their effect in our own bodies.

Being a good leader is about equipping ourselves for a variety of situations – intellectually, physically, nutritionally, spiritually, emotionally, and with this kind of knowledge for staying healthy.

Here’s the link to get the free report. You can also choose to get a sample bottle of Organic Defense to see for yourself that it really works.

Organic Defense
Organic Defense

Link –>

Next week’s resource is my tool for writing, client communications, and staying organized. I look forward to this journey on Tuesdays to share my resources with you.


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