Leadership Perspective: Reverse Paradigms – Doing vs. Reflecting, Part 1

“Learning without reflection is a waste, reflection without learning is dangerous”

– Confucius

Balance Adds Value

I’m writing this post on Christmas Eve 2014. It’s not a time that most people in America are working. It’s time for family, friends, and faith celebrations. It’s a celebration remembering the birth of Jesus Christ. No matter what your faith, Christmas is about Christ.

Celebrating the goodness of faith and family is a wonderful addition to life. Not being fully present in this celebration is limiting our value given and value received. In my four leadership principles, Foundations, Relationships, Systems, and Balance, taking time off comes under balance. Balance is the dynamic that makes the other ones effective.

I constantly hear leaders complain about not having taken a vacation in years and about having to work without stopping – sometimes for 7 days a week! They think that I will be impressed with how hard they work. I’m disappointed by their lack of leadership skills. They lack the skill of effective planning, personal discipline, delegation, time management, and vision, to mention only a few. Effective leaders balance life by managing multiple priorities, ratio of work and home life, and personal complexities of our spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional being. Balance does not mean equal.

Therefore, as a leader of leaders and an advocate for Transformational Leaders, I must practice what I preach. I encourage you – pastor, rabbi, executive director, CEO, entrepreneur, and thought leader to strive for balance during this holiday season. The rhythms of life incorporate fun, rest, planning, thinking, acting, and being. Striving for balance is a discipline and a process, and not an arrival point. We manage things and lead people. To do that we must manage our life details and lead ourselves into the fullness of our potential. This is a life-long journey of one step at a time.

I’m taking the day off and will not return to work until after the weekend. Next week, I’m doing the same for the New Year’s holiday long weekend – really long weekend.

Being an effective leader comes from balance. Doing less means getting more accomplished.

Reflect on that!



Hugh Ballou

The Transformational Leadership Strategist TM

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