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SynerVision Leadership Foundation

I’m Hugh Ballou, founder and President of SVLF, SynerVision Leadership Foundation. I have a passion for empowering leaders with a vision for social good, those improving our planet, our welfare, and our lives.
My team and I have many years of experience working with leaders in many types of organizations, creating systems and structures for higher-functioning organizations making a bigger impact for social good. When reviewing the statistics, I am sad to see that half of the 30,000 nonprofits formed each year will close without achieving the important vision with which they began. Also, the United Methodist Church is losing 1,200 members a week, which is the trend for all mainline denominations.
I formed SVLF to make a difference. Many nonprofits raise money only to discover that it’s gone before the mission is realized. Our foundation works with visionary leaders to strengthen boards, empower leaders, activate stakeholders, and to create plans that attract sustainable revenue.
Your gift to enable the work of the highly skilled team will allow us to impact more leaders in more places and assist us in a jump start to make a difference, starting now. Immediately, we are launching a nationally distributed leadership magazine specifically for leaders in social benefit organizations of all types, we are in beta test of a “Community for Community Leaders” which will go live in July, and we’re continuing to hold our unique Nonprofit Leadership Excellence Summit events in major cities across America. Your donation makes this possible.
Here’s an example of what your dollars will provide:
  1. $25 offsets the production costs for all leaders in one organization to receive our Nonprofit Performance magazine for an entire year, supporting leadership excellence
  2. $60 provides a one-year membership for a leader to fully participate in our “Community for Community Builders,” providing expert and peer-to-peer ideas and support
  3. $100 funds a partial scholarship for a leader to attend our Nonprofit Leadership Excellence Summit for two days
  4. $1,000 gives donors a listing in the founding sponsor list for one year and offsets part of the planning cost for the live summit
All donors have the option of receiving the following entirely free:
  • Hugh’s ebooks and reports
    • Meetings
    • Teams
    • Disasters
    • Healthy teams
  • A one-year subscription to Nonprofit Leadership Performance Magazine

Donations over $60 will receive:

  • Membership in the online Community for one year
Donations over $250 will receive:
  • One-month participation in group leadership mastermind sessions with our WayFinders
  • Or a one-hour coaching session with one of our WayFinders

Donations over $25,000 will qualify for naming rights for one Nonprofit Leadership Summit in a city of their choice.

Will you make a difference for these organizations that provide such great value for our communities? Make a donation today in any amount and share our campaign with your friends, relatives, and contact list. Skip one dinner out and eat at home, and a donation will not even impact your budget.
Thanks in advance for your support.
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Thank you,

Hugh Ballou 
Hugh Ballou (Author)