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Transformational Leadership and Spirituality

The Transformational Leader is a spiritual leader. Wayne Dyer states that we are spiritual beings in a human body. Many times, our humanness displaces our awareness of our spiritualness. As we age, we are able to be more aware of our spiritual selves. We can learn to trust our intuitive thoughts and feelings. We are more aware that we are spiritual beings, indeed.

In Bowen Family Systems Theory, the journey is about self – basic self vs. pseudo self. The journey is one of self-awareness and management of self. The journey is more about observing than doing.

As leaders become more aware of their spiritual dimension, decisions are informed, anxiety is lowered, clarity is gained, and results are improved – for everyone involved.

My spiritual self is based on my Christian beliefs and practices. My worship is grounded by historic theology and practice. My prayer and study is grounded in scripture. I also believe that God did not die when the Bible was published. I know that God continues to create scripture in the lives of believers and followers. In being a Christian spiritual leader, it is important to observe life through spiritual eyes.

In order for leaders to function at their best, it is important to be centered, grounded, and solid as a spiritual being.

Here are my components for daily spiritual discipline:

  • Reading: I choose scripture or devotional writings that are scripture-based for my spiritual feeding.
  • Prayer: Spending time talking to God, and then time listening. I pray for others and somehow it impacts me.
  • Concentration: Random thoughts fill my mind with inspiration. I pay attention and take notes.
  • Meditation: This is very different from praying or concentrated thinking. Meditation for me is focused on something specific. I am fully immersed in it and focus on the singular topic.
  • Quiet: That’s it – just being quiet is profound.

Sometimes these components are combined with others. For instance, running and meditation are very compatible. This works because I do not use a music player. Silence is great.

Will you share some of your best spiritual practices?



Hugh Ballou
The Transformational Leadership Strategist

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Hugh Ballou (Author)

  • Ken

    I use two others (or variants). I use the Jesus Prayer, which is a simple prayer that you meditate on and allow to open up. And ‘soaking’, which is a bit like your Quiet, but remaining focussed on God – and with background music. I appreciate what you say about meditating without the background music, and it certainly isn’t essential, but for me it definitely helps…

  • Hugh Ballou


    Thanks for these wonderful additions to my post.

    Let’s keep the dialogue going.


  • Being a christian too, I talk and listen to God daily by reading my bible (listening to God) and praying (talking to him). That is the primary way I communicate with God. Of course He (God) talks to me in other forms and these always are backed up by His word (bible).

    I usually read a chapter a day in the morning. I may go through this same chapter at lunch break and or even in the evening to get more understanding of what God is saying.

    I have also developed a habit of speaking over myself what God has done for me. There is a lot God has done for His children and many times they are just crying about it instead of applying it to their lives or simply taking what belongs to them already by faith. For example; the word of God (bible) says that God has already shed (poured out/gushed out) his love in our hearts (Romans 5:5). From this, I believe that I already have the love of God shed in my heart by the Holy Spirit given to me by God. Then I looked for how someone with love walks in the bible. There is a lot on the subject. However, I found more on love in 1 Corinthians 13:1-9. Here you will see how love is expressed. Then I began practicing these love attributes because I already have the love of God in me. I don’t have to beg God for it. So, in the morning I speak these love attributes (1 Corinthians 13:4-9) over myself every morning and evening before going to bed. I speak as one who is already this, whether I look like it or not. I do it by faith and I have found myself walking the part. 

    This is just a small part of it. In short, I believe the word of God, speak it and act the part.

  • Hugh Ballou


    Thanks for sharing your daily routine with us. You are an inspiration to many.



  • Thanks!