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Hugh’s Fourth Leadership Principle – Value the Rests: Balance


In music, the rests are intentionally placed. They provide clarity, punctuation, and more… Rests are not absence of sound. Rest is only one dimension of balance for leadership. Balance means approaching work rested.

In his book, The Musicians Soul, James Jordan teaches that a conductor must be centered on the podium. Centering is a physical, mental, spiritual, and musical condition. The conductor who is centered will inspire the best music making. The transformational leader is focused and confident. Balance means control of self.

In his book, Ordering Your Private WorldGordon MacDonald shows us how order in our lives is important. Setting priorities and managing our day is essential to success and personal health. We balance multiple priorities, teams, schedules, clients, or members, or customers, as well as our personal and work lives. Balance is order.

Balance does not mean equality – we cannot equally segment our work, our day, or other parts of our lives. Balance is not simple. Balance is not an arrival point of perfection. Balance is an awareness, a challenge, and a reward.

My personal daily discipline is defining a routine so I do not need to use my energy and time to figure out what comes next. When I have a plan, I approach my day calmly, but with enthusiasm and focus. My work is producing results, and not wrestling with to-dos. The last item in my routine is preparing the routine for the next day after I evaluate the current day. I learn from myself.

Here’s my daily routine:

  • Review my day plan
  • Revise the plan if necessary
  • Follow the plan
  • Review and evaluate at the end of the day
  • Record in my journal about my day
  • Plan tomorrow (Friday, I plan Monday)
  • Leave work at work

My routine is not perfect. When I travel for speaking engagements, conferences, or client engagements, there is a different routine – always focused on outcomes.

What does balance mean in your life?


Hugh Ballou

The Transformational Leadership Strategist

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