Balance…or NOT!

 I Was Trumped by My Own Wife In My Own Keynote Presentation

Ha! Never follow a children’s program or an animal act!

Or watch out if you invite your spouse to present during your keynote presentation.

Actually, I was very pleased that my wife did such a great job of presenting her point – procrastination might be funny to you, but it’s annoying to your coworkers..

She presented a fictitious book, titled “Balance…or NOT”

This is an especially important theme for leaders. I have launched the post on a holiday Monday – Labor Day, while I am resting and balancing life with family on Cape Cod. The theme of balance is essential to our success as leaders. Balance in this usage does not mean equal. Balance means, among other things, to Value the Rests.

Enjoy the presentation below…


LA CEO Space from Hugh Ballou on Vimeo.

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Do you have the level of self awareness to evaluate your own behaviors?


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